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Rooting for Earth

Learn to tune into a state of presence and flow to access the quantum field of infinite potential. Receive guidance from your inner well of deep wisdom and co-create a life in synergy you'll love for the purpose of serving Mother Earth.

The time to create a new paradigm is now...

We stand at a critical juncture in human evolution where it's vital for us to recognize our interconnectedness with nature and honour our symbiotic relationship with Mother Earth. It is as important for us to reintegrate ourselves into the intricate web of life and humbly find our place in this living circle, as it is to recognize and wisely use the infinite creative power we hold in our hands to build a culture that serves all life.


This endeavour commences with a deep calling to serve a higher purpose beyond our own ego desires and step out of our comfort zones into uncharted territories. To address the urgent challenges facing humanity, we must release old paradigms and create space for fresh ideas to emerge. This transformative process begins within us, stepping onto a path of consciously co-creating a joyous and abundant future for all beings.

In my work, I guide those who are ready to follow this call to tap into their higher consciousness for personal and collective growth. Within the web of life, our actions ripple out and impact the whole. Your transformation has the power to transform the world.

I provide a safe space for you to become aware of the deeper layers of your being, liberate yourself from ingrained behaviours, access your intuitive guidance, and use your creative fire to manifest the life you envision. My aim is to empower you to bravely share your light with the world. Let this be the beginning of your journey back to your true self!

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"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?"

Pam Montgomery - Author of "Partner Earth"

What to expect?

Each session together will consist of four distinctive stages, which I call the GAIA process:

1. Gathering stage: this will be the time where you can share what you would like to work on or explore and what happened since our last session if you had one, as well as ask questions. This is also the time when you will set an inquiry intention for your our session.

2. Attunement stage: I will teach you different mediative somatic practices aimed to get you into a relaxed and receptive state, from where it will be easier to connect to your intuition and harmonise the flow of energy in your body.

3. Intuitive inquiry stage : I will guide you on a journey to access the quantum field and get guidance from within. None of this involves Hypnosis, you will remain fully aware during our session. It could be described as awake and aware dreaming.

4. Actualisation stage: after your journey we will reflect together on your experience in relation to your inquiry and how you can bring this into your everyday life. This is the coaching part of your session and it is the opportunity for us to dive deeper into your inquiry through the questions I will ask you and my reflections back to you from what I hear and perceive. This process could also involve drawing, journalling or other practices, together we will explore which next steps will be beneficial for you to take. I may suggest some homework, especially for inquiries that might need several sessions of working together. The actualisation stage continues long after our session, self-actualisation happens over time with you using your conscious awareness to bring about change into your life.


Let's get you started!



“Nathalie’s coaching sessions helped me with rebuilding self-confidence, remembering what matters to me and what is good in myself. Stepping back from who others think I am and reassuring myself of who I really am. Nathalie is a caring person, who made me feel comfortable and safe instantly. I felt heard, understood and supported.”

— Audrey



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